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The perfect vehicle setting is sought for what is probably the most demanding track in the world. The track day serves in the first line as test and training opportunity for racing teams. But this is of course also for anyone who wants to perfect his personal Nordschleife knowledge and vehicle settings.


  • Duration: half or whole day
  • Availability: date as agreed upon
  • Includes: provision of race track (Nordschleife), provision of track marshals and safety kit

Please refer to the respective tenders for prices (Participants take part in this with their own vehicle / touring car, an MOT certificate is not necessary! Formula cars and motorbikes are not permitted at the track day.)

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Please refer to the respective tenders for prices.
(The Tender will be awarded after fixing the date).

Ready for the most demanding track in the world?
The Green Hell has a magical attraction for all sporting and ambitious drivers.

Conditions of participation:

  • Minimum age: 18 years
  • Participants must hold a valid driving license (class B). This must be presented at the event day.

  • The participants in this course use their own vehicle; MOT certificate is generally required! There are exceptions to this so please check the individual specifications for more details)



Blind hidden bends, blind and tricky bumps, steep inclines and gradients as well as constantly changing road surfaces demand great skill from the driver and are a real test for the vehicles. This up-and-down course was lined with hedges up until 1970 and for this reason was given the name Green Hell or “Grüne Hölle” by the motor racing legend Jackie Stewart. It has kept the name.


At the same time fans of the Nordschleife describe it as “probably the most beautiful country road in the world”. A unique cult has grown up around this circuit. Hand-written good wishes and greetings on the asphalt alongside the course are evidence of the fans’ support for the sport and for the drivers.


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The team of the Nürburgring Driving Academy answers all the questions you may have.


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